April 13, 2009

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Roving Imp Theater and Kansas City Improv is proud to announce:

ImpFest ‘09
at the Roving Imp Theater, Bonner Springs, KS - just west of Kansas City!
An Improv Festival Extraordinaire to be held October 21-24, 2009

Now accepting submissions of 20-30 minute improv shows recorded in front of a live audience
To enter your group for consideration, send:
an electronic, CD or DVD copy of your show
a hi-res promotional photo of your group
a brief description of your group’s format
a $12 submission fee

by July 10, 2009

Festival highlights:
Two chances to perform
Rockin’ After-Parties
Optional Group Activities during the day
A relaxed, fun & creative atmosphere

send submissions to:
John Robison
115 Oak St.
Bonner Springs, KS 66012

or electronically:


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Mark your calendars for...


The Kansas City Improv Festival is scheduled for the weekend of Sept. 9-12, 2009.

More details to come...check here often.

Shows every night Wednesday through Saturday

Workshops Saturday early/mid day

Groups, Workshops, and Schedule to be announced soon!

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Since Improv Thunderdome Season 3 is over, it's now time to unveil the teams and schedule for Improv Thunderdome Season 4:

For season four, we will journey BEYOND Thunderdome. Thirty-six local improvisers were selected to participate in a random draft to create nine teams of four.

Below are the results and schedule.

Saturday, July 11th at 9:00 p.m.

BLACK YANKEES(Jonathan Bender, Keith Curtis, Patrick Craft & Pearl MacDonald)

vs.RAGNAROK(Jeremy Alexander, Aron Carlson, Joe Henley & Joe Stephenson)

vs.WIN ONE FOR THE NIFER(Ed Doris, Tim Lemke, Lance Meisner & Nifer Honeycutt)

Saturday, August 8th at 9:00 p.m.

DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND(Ben Brest, Megan Mercer, Clay Morgen & Jim Montemayor)

vs.OREO SPEEDWAGON(Aaron Bagby, Caroline Donnelly, Tim Marks & Nathan Stewart)

vs.YOUR MOTHER CALLED(Charley Belle, Paul DeMerchant, Magie Hogan & Jen Roser)

Saturday, September 19th at 9:00 p.m.

KANSAS CITY PET SHOP(Jeremy Danner, Bob Dusin, Sean Hogge & Jim Sturgill)

vs.TEAM NUMBER NINE (Trish Berrong, Erik Johnson, Steve Jones & Nick Rigoli)

vs.TEMPORARY SANITY(Jared Brustad, Wade Meredith, Jessica Robins & Tommy Todd)

Saturday, October 10th at 9:00 p.m.

Rd 1 Winner

vs.Rd 2 Winner

vs.Rd 3 Winner

Past Champions

Season One - LOADED DICE
Season Three - KILL THE DJ

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Improv Thunderdome Season 3 wrapped up Saturday night. Congratulations to Kill the DJ, pictured below, for securing the latest bedazzled Improv Thunderdome belt.

Ben Brest, Jeremy Alexander, Charley Belle, and Jonathan Bender

Here comes major updates...

Sorry for the delay in Kansas City Improv news. So to make up for it. Here is a poop-storm of information.

Tantrum and Full Frontal Comedy were each featured on Kansas City After Hours. Here is the video to prove it:


Full Frontal Comedy: