June 30, 2008

8: Kansas City Improv Festival: Updates

****Line-ups have been announced for the local weekend, but first, a recap:

Last year, standing-room-only crowds watched as Saturday Night Live standout Jason Sudeikis, Emmy Award-winning 30 Rock writer Kay Cannon and comedians from Chicago, LA and NYC improvised their way through a hilarious weekend of shows.

This fall, KCiF returns to the H&R Block City Stage with nationally acclaimed acts and local favorites.

Der Monkenpickel (LA/Chicago/NYC) with Jason Sudeikis
Brother Love’s Travelin’ Salvation Show (LA/Chicago/NYC/KC) with Kay Cannon
Jill Bernard’s Drum Machine (Minneapolis)
Monkey 13 and the Masked Menace (Ann Arbor)

Tickets $15-20. Call 816-460-2020 beginning July 14.

Loaded Dice: Thunderdome Season 1 Champions
CounterClockwise Comedy: Coming at you from a different direction
Roving Imp: Bringing the funny from Bonner Springs
Tantrum: It's fun to misbehave

Tickets $10-15. Call 816-460-2020 beginning July 14.

Improv-Abilities: Fresh from the Chicago Improv Festival
Full Frontal Comedy: Flashing their comedy since 1998
Scriptease: They've got the funny, and they know how to use it.
The Trip Fives: Improv comedy. No limits.

Tickets $10-15. Call 816-460-2020 beginning July 14.

ComedyCity: Schticking together since 1987
Exit 16: Liberty High School's acclaimed comedy troupe
Hypothetical 7: Comedy from KU
Makeshift Militia: This UMKC troupe ain't nothing to mess with

Tickets $10-15. Call 816-460-2020 beginning July 14.


****Workshop Updates Soon!

Corey Rittmaster and Jason Sudeikis of Der Monkenpickle at 7: KCiF

June 25, 2008

Full Frontal Comedy Had Auditions

This is a note from Full Frontal Comedy emailed to us:

We had auditions Saturday and it was wonderful and difficult, all at the same time. Wonderful because we had so many talented people eager to be part of the group, and difficult because we couldn't use them all and had to make some touch choices.

After hours and hours of deliberation, the Fall 2008 Cast of Full Frontal Comedy is:

Bill Case
Paul DeMerchant
Joyce Halford
Kate Haugan
James Hilburn
Dan Hillaker
Carolyn Lay
Christina Schafer Martin
Dave Martin
Danielle Metz
Joel Morrison
Tina Morrison
Kyle Mowry
Ryan Seymour
Shelly Stewart
Reed Uthe
Jeff Wilson

Thank you so much to everyone who was interested!

Those are some talented people, make sure to check their website for shows and other info.

June 23, 2008

How to join an improv group in Kansas City

Honestly, this is very hard to do. The only groups that hold auditions that are open to the public are Full Frontal Comedy, Comedy City, and Roving Imp. From what we hear, most of the other groups are not auditioning for awhile. Makeshift Militia typically only auditions UMKC students, but who knows, contact them, and let us know what you find out.

Here is a lovely list on how to join an improv group in Kansas City.

1. Audition for one of the aforementioned groups.
2. Go see shows--This will help you figure out who you like, what style you like, who you think you will blend with, who has the hottest guys/girls, etc...
3. Talk to the improvisers after the show--Especially at the bar, they will open up with more happy juice.
4. Take as many improv workshops as you can find. The community is well connected. If you take a workshop, your name will spread, especially if you are putting forth the effort to get to know people.
5. Continue to read this blog.
6. Join the forums on City3.org.
7. Start your own group--This is definitely how most groups are started here in Kansas City

June 20, 2008

Blog Roll Call

Trish Berrong talks about how Mark Sutton from Bassprov is helping the improv group Tantrum.

John Robison is talking about his new groups at The Roving Imp Theater.

Corey Rittmaster talks about his show at The Roving Imp Theater.

If you have any pictures, videos, blogs, or any other links that pertain to Kansas City Improv please send them to kansascityimprov@gmail.com

June 19, 2008

A great problem to have

The first show in the second season of Improv Thunderdome has sold out.

This is bad news for those who have not yet reserved their tickets, but great news for improv in Kansas City. 4 straight sold-out shows in 4 chances. Not since Comedy Sportz in the mid 90's has improv been in such high demand. This is fair warning from Kansas City Improv. Reserve your tickets for the 2nd and 3rd shows now! Tickets for the championship will be made available at a later date, but we will definitely let you know when.

For reservations call 816-678-8886 or contact trip.fives@gmail.com or improvthunderdome@gmail.com

June 18, 2008

8: Kansas City Improv Festival

Update: There is still room in the Pre-Festival Workshops. All of the money made will go towards The Kansas City Improv Festival.

June 22nd: Pete Calderone and Trish Berrong "Create Your Own Longform"
June 29th: Aron Carlson and Tim Marks "Basic Improv Scenework and Relationships"

For information about times, location, and reservations please click HERE.

On top of the classes, if you would like to be a corporate sponsor for the festival please click HERE.
Or, if you would like to advertise in the festival program please click HERE.

June 17, 2008

Comedy City is Moving

As of July 10, Comedy City will be moving to the Westport Flea Market. The July 10th show will be for the family, friends, and the media. July 11th is already sold out to the public, so your first opportunity to see the new venue will be July 12th. Start making your reservations now! Kansas City Improv is very excited about this move, now improv will be more accessible to those who had a hard time finding the Charlotte location.

June 16, 2008

New Tommy and Keith Video


Kansas City Native: Paul Rudd

That's right, he grew up here people. In fact, he went to the same school as Saturday Night Live's Jason Sudeikis. He was raised in Overland Park, Kansas. He attended high school at Shawnee Mission West, and college at the University of Kansas, where he was a member of Sigma Nu fraternity. He may not be known for being an improviser, but, he sure does get to work with a lot of them.

June 13, 2008

Look what we found

Proof that the Shawnee Mission West Forensics team was chock full of future improvisers.
Historical: Yes
Hilarious: Yes

June 12, 2008

This just in

Jill Bernard says her favorite improv friends live in Kansas City and she will fight anyone who argues with her.

June 11, 2008

What did we learn?

Improv Olympic and The Annoyance Theater in Chicago are two of the coolest improv dedicated venues in the world. Not only are the theaters cool, but they are also managed by some very smart and nice people. We were able to attend the after parties at each location and they were amazing. It was an open door environment where everyone was welcome and inviting. We were surrounded by improv people who are only famous to other improvisers. It was an improv geeks dream. To see some of the pictures of the Chicago Improv Festival, click HERE.

Wouldn't it be great to have a theater like the ones mentioned above here in Kansas City?

June 10, 2008

and we're back

Chicago was fantastic. Improv-Abilities represented Kansas City very well. The city of Chicago treated us very well. The most important and exciting thing is that Improv-Abilities helped establish that there is a growing improv community in Kansas City. Someone has their eye on us now Kansas City, we better make sure to always look our best.

June 4, 2008

We'll Be Right Back

Kansas City Improv is going to Chicago to see some amazing improv at the Chicago Improv Festival. We will bring back lots of exciting stories so please be patient until we return. Make sure to check out the links to the right to find some improv shows around the metro over the weekend. Have a good one everybody.

June 3, 2008

Local improv groups announced for 8: Kansas City Improv Festival

Announcing the local improv groups who will be performing in 8: Kansas City Improv Festival:

Local weekend:
Shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 12-14

Friday night (order TBD):
CounterClockwise Comedy
Roving Imp

Saturday night (order TBD):
Full Frontal Comedy
The Trip Fives

Sunday night (order TBD):
Exit 16
Makeshift Militia
Hypothetical 7
[There may be more troupes performing Sunday—TBD.]

For more information on individual groups follow the links on the right.

Don't forget about the Festival Fundraiser Workshops, information HERE.

Charna Halpern remembers Paul Sills and Sydney J. Pollack

Over at the Improv Olympic website there are numerous blogs from people who work and play at IO. Charna Halpern is one of them. Yesterday she posted a fantastic memory blog about Paul Sills and Sydney J. Pollack. Click HERE to read the great stories.

June 2, 2008

Looking for a photographer?

The Trip Fives and Tantrum have found the best photographer for improv groups in the Kansas City area, and we here at the Kansas City Improv Blog thought we would share the information.

First the proof:

Jared and Ed of The Trip Fives


Now the information:

Clint Sears (here is a look at some of his work)