October 30, 2009


Dennis and Nikki Dupont featured in this video.

ImpFest 09 Video

Making It Up As We Go: BONNER SPRINGS, KS from Jill Bernard on Vimeo.

October 22, 2009

ImpFest 09

It's finally here.

Roving Imp Theater is hosting its first ever ImpFest and it all starts tonight. Check out rovingimp.com for all the details.

Check out what Roving Imp Theater owner John Robison thinks about it all here.

Those People

Great article about improv featuring Those People....Check it out here

October 14, 2009

JCCC Project Improv

Introducing "Project Improv" at JCCC:

Project Improv is a troupe whose purpose is to entertain, enlighten, and enhance improv skills among JCCC students. By joining Project Improv, you’ll have an opportunity to rehearse and play improv games each Thursday, between 6 and 8 pm in COM 319A, plus participate in additional workshops to be scheduled in correspondence with the schedules of our guest instructors. We plan to be ready to perform full student showcases by the end of the semester, if not sooner. If you know anyone else who is interested in improv with a JCCC connection (student/staff/faculty), please forward this on to them.

If you would like to join Project Improv or just have some questions email Tom: tkessle1@jccc.edu

Best Improv Group 2009

Congratulations to The Trip Fives, Kansas City 2009 A-List winner for Best Improv Group.

October 6, 2009

City3.org's Revival

There once was a time before Facebook, and before Blogs. Where Kansas City Improvisers communicated through a forum called City3.org.

Well, that website now has more to offer:

There is a Calendar page for every improv show around this great metro.

There is a Blog page that takes every Kansas City Improv related blog and puts them in one nice and easy place for you to read them.

and of course...There are the Forums.

The revival is scheduled to start the week of October 11th...but why not just go on over and check it out now.