March 31, 2008

Spotlight: space-substance crutch

Improvisers in Kansas City tend to always rely on the same imaginary object when they are in a scene. 74% of those individuals use some sort of cup or mug, 20% use a different kitchen utensil, 5% use a purse, and 1% use a weapon of some kind.

Based on the data above, we here at the Kansas City Improv Blog have scientifically figured out what type of improviser uses each item.

Cup user - You have grasped the fundamentals, and you are listening to your scene partner, while still being in tune with your environment.
Kitchen utensil - You are a mediocre improviser, get a cup you idiot.
Purse - You are clearly a woman, or a confused man. We know women aren't funny, a confused man is funny, good job.
Weapon - You want to drive every scene with your idea. Good luck making improv friends.

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