March 28, 2008

Why should I care about this blog?

We always get the same question from people when we say we are from Kansas City. "Where are your ruby red slippers Dorothy?" The answer is always the same. "Kansas City is in Missouri you idiot." You should be asking: "Where are your light brown opaque rimmed glasses Harry S. Truman?""

You've seen blogs like and, which are comedy websites in New York and Chicago that inspired this here blog. So why should people be interested in this site?

Because we are. The improv community in Kansas City has seen tremendous growth in the past year since the Kansas City Improv Festival returned in 2007. More groups are performing, and more audiences are exposed to more than just short form improv games. Sure, Kansas City is not a hub for improv, but we can still do our part to help improv grow throughout the country. You may even see one of our very own comedians of today, mentioned in the future, on one of the websites listed above. The improv community here in Kansas City is running this site. They are the contributors and editors of all of the material that you will see. If you are, have been, or want to be a part of improv here in Kansas City, please drop us a line and we will do our best to accommodate your suggestions.

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