April 24, 2008

Joint Shows Are The Future

2 years ago, there was one improv theater and a handful of groups performing at least once a month. Today there are two improv theaters and a dozen groups performing at least once a month. Of course, this prompted Improv Thunderdome, but something else has bubbled up.

In Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, there are improv theaters that have training centers. Within those training centers are hundreds of students forming teams. They have to have 3-4 teams perform each night so that everyone gets equal stage time.

Here in Kansas City, we don't have a training center, but each group is understanding, that in order to build up a decent audience to perform to, you should play together. Improv Thunderdome uses this theory as well. The three teams performing bring their audience, resulting in sold out shows.

This weekend, two fantastic teams are sharing the stage in what should be a fantastic improv show.

The Trip Fives & Babel Fish
April 26th, 8pm
Westport Coffeehouse Theater

Babel Fish is one of Kansas City's newest improv comedy troupes, impressing everyone that attended round two of Improv Thunderdome last February. They will present the first 30 minutes with the best short-form improv in Kansas City.

Then the two troupes will combine their powers and together perform a variation of monologues and scenes.

In the second half, The Trip Fives (Named Kansas City's "Best Improv Group" in 2006 by the Pitch) will perform a piece surrounding one single character created by the audience.

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