April 7, 2008

A Peek at the Week

Every Monday we will sneak a peek into the week of improv in Kansas City. Please click on the group or theater link for ticket information and location. If you have any group or theater information that we have missed, please email kansascityimprov@gmail.com Thanks.

Comedy City:

Short Form Improv
Friday: 7:30pm
Saturday: 5 & 7:30pm


Friday and Saturday join CCC for a special screening of the movie "Hackers" with CCC in the front row armed with mics and cracking jokes. For more info go HERE and click on the movie poster.

Full Frontal Comedy:

"Funnier than a speeding bullet"
Friday and Saturday at 8pm

The show will feature short form improv in the first half. The second half of the show will feature
the long form Superhero. Two lucky audience members will see parts of their lives turned into a superhero/supervillain story right on the spot!


Short Form Improv at Famous Johnny's
Wednesday 8pm

Roving Imp:

7pm: High School Showdown Round Five
9pm: Game Show: Deal or No Deal

Come for our first show to see the students of Mill Valley and Piper High Schools continue their year-long improv rivalry, as both teams face off for the semifinals. One lucky improviser will walk away with a scholarship!

Stay for the second show and play network television's sensational game show, "Deal or No Deal?" Participate as a contestant to win fabulous prizes, or slip into something slinky, and be one of our models. Either way, you're in for a whole evening of fun.

Improv Thunderdome: Sorry...this event is sold out.

Saturday: 9 - 10:45pm

LOADED DICE -(Charley Belle, Rob Grabowski, Patrick Lindhorst & Clay Morgan)
Loaded Dice is a four man improv troupe wrought forth from the world class improvisation stylings of Comedy City. The bad boys of KC Improv bring the rapid fire quick wit that practicing short form cultivates to their new long form show. Prepare to be dazzled, amazed and titillated.
SCRIPTEASE - (Rene Boudreaux, Drew Davidson & Clayton Ingram)
Fast-paced scenes. Quick-change characters. Rene, Drew and Clay started improvising early and they've studied with the best from Chicago and beyond. The men of Scriptease have got the funny...and they know how to use it.
MAKESHIFT MILITIA - (Magie Hogan, James Nelson, Grant Prewitt & Ryan Meharry)
A refreshing break from the improv mainstream, this outrageous and irreverent quartet will deliver their trademark experimental long-form and a painfully hilarious and unforgettable performance. The Makeshift Militia is ready to stand up against the best Kansas City has to offer!

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Scott said...

Also- the workshop mentioned last week (http://kcimprov.blogspot.com/2008/04/this-town-needs-improv-coach.html) will be returning this Saturday 11-2 at Westport Coffee House.