April 3, 2008

This town needs an improv coach

Introducing: Scott Connerly. Throughout the Kansas City improv community, there are requests for more coaches and workshops, and Scott has stepped up to the plate. Hopefully, many more experienced players will follow his lead.

Warning! Information ahead:

This is a class for those who are beginning improvisers, those who have never improvised before, or anyone looking for a back-to-basics opportunity. It will be a low-risk environment, designed to be just for fun with nobody watching.

We will be covering fundamental skills and basic approaches to improv; we will not be playing short-form games just for their own sake. Session topics will be tailored to the students' needs, but could include improv terminology, scene initiation, environment, object work, and character development.

"I'm worried I'm not going to be funny. Is that a problem?"
Don't worry. Funny will come naturally after you learn the basics.

"I am interested in improv less for performance reasons and more for business / personal development reasons. Will this class help with that?"
It sure can. Just make it clear those are your goals when you register.

This class will have two sessions, Saturdays April 5th and April 12th, which can be attended independently or in conjunction. They will both be from 11AM-2PM at Westport Coffeehouse's theater space.

Registration is $15/class if registered a full week before the day you plan to attend, or $20/class if registered less than a week before the class. To enroll or to inquire further, email the instructor, Scott Connerly, at scott@connerly.net or call him at 515/451.9414

About the instructor:
Scott Connerly has been actively performing comedy for the last 9 years. The last 4 of those years have been primarily in improv comedy, performing in Improv-Abilities, On The Spot, and Antiprov.

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