April 28, 2008

Who is Trish Berrong?

Only the person who organizes the Kansas City Improv Festival, Teaches the longest running High School Improv Troupe Exit 16, and performs in numerous groups around town. On top of that, her improv teaching, training, and performing resume is sure to make anyone else salivate with jealousy. The only way to describe her is to say that she is the Indian Chief to the improv tribe here in Kansas City. She has had a hand in training at least one member from every group in town. She is Kansas City Improv. This week, we will be focusing on her history with Improv in Kansas City. Let's face it, if it wasn't for her, we wouldn't even be here today.

Teaser, Trish started doing Improv at Comedy City, but no need to put a date here as to when...Soon after, she started her own Improv group/theater/company. More to come tomorrow.

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