May 23, 2008

GOB Bluth's Tomb Illusion is in Kansas City

Thanks to the people at for posting about this.

In May 2006, after canceling Arrested Development, Twentieth Century Fox Television auctioned props from the show at the "Bluth Family Estate Sale," organized by Estate Sales Los Angeles. According to The Associated Press, Scott Hurst, 30, of Los Angeles bought The Aztec Tomb at the auction for $450, but flipped it on eBay with a starting bid of $999.99. The Apiary tracked down the winning bidder, Andrew Ralls of Kansas City, who paid roughly $1,700 (plus $400 for shipping). Since the purchase, Ralls says he has been interviewed by Neil Lieberman and Jeff Smith, two filmmakers who are producing a documentary about Arrested Development fans.

Ralls and friends ring in New Year's 2007 with The Aztec Tomb

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