June 25, 2008

Full Frontal Comedy Had Auditions

This is a note from Full Frontal Comedy emailed to us:

We had auditions Saturday and it was wonderful and difficult, all at the same time. Wonderful because we had so many talented people eager to be part of the group, and difficult because we couldn't use them all and had to make some touch choices.

After hours and hours of deliberation, the Fall 2008 Cast of Full Frontal Comedy is:

Bill Case
Paul DeMerchant
Joyce Halford
Kate Haugan
James Hilburn
Dan Hillaker
Carolyn Lay
Christina Schafer Martin
Dave Martin
Danielle Metz
Joel Morrison
Tina Morrison
Kyle Mowry
Ryan Seymour
Shelly Stewart
Reed Uthe
Jeff Wilson

Thank you so much to everyone who was interested!

Those are some talented people, make sure to check their website for shows and other info.

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