July 3, 2008

What's in a name?

That was the question that many Kansas City Improvisers tried to answer. Click through the blog list on the right to see how important an improv troupes name is to them.

Parents should also think before they name their child, or at least sound it out a few times.

The 10 worst names ever:

1. John Koffman - His friends and enemies call him Jack
2. Sharonda Cox - It might be pronounced ShaRONda, but it sure looks like "sharin da" to me.
3. Justin Butts - Good luck with life Justin.
4. Harry Ball - Really, is this real? His parents are stupid.
5. Amanda Buttram - These are getting worse.
6. Richard Large - This is a good name right...why is it in the worst list?
7. Mai Butt - This one makes us laugh the longest.
8. Ben Dover - There is more than one, go ahead, google it.
9. Gayford Buttram - Must be Amanda's brother.
10. Michael Huntsucker - Last and certainly not least, pray he doesn't go by Mike.

1 comment:

Trish Berrong said...

Uh, KC Improv? I think you cheated on this. A little.