September 4, 2008

New Group: Those People

Not really new, since they started last fall. But, Those People, a long form improv group at Kansas University had auditions last night. Alex Nichols, a current member, had this to say about the auditions:

"Today we had auditions for Those People, which as you may know is the long-form group here at KU. We had a great turnout; about 20 or so came to play for 3 spots. Just about everybody played well and made a good effort. It's going to be really hard for us to pick just three. Much of the process involved me or another member improvising a scene with an auditioner. Here's the kind of weird thing: it was some of the best improv I've ever done. I felt super relaxed, I took chances, I made interesting decisions, I committed to a character and stuck with it... all of the scenes were inventive, and a few of them were downright hilarious. And it was all with people I had never improvised with before! Is this unusual? Do many people have auditions (either as the auditioner or a current member participating in the process) that are so good, they feel almost wasted because it wasn't in a show? (I actually think KCiF had something to do with it... I signed up for Fire It Up! and Multiple Personalities because I feel like I could work on quickly engaging in a scene and having a wider range of characters. I think that just the idea of improving those areas improved them a lot already. I did both of those things because I had them on my mind, and I focused better on those elements.)"

For more information about the group. Join their facebook group by clicking on the link on the right.

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