September 2, 2008

Weekend Recap

The evening started with
Babelfish: Nathan Stewert and Joe Henley. Featuring Jared Brustad

Followed by
Poke: Tommy Todd and Trish Berrong

Improv Thunderdome Round 3 started with
Burnin Sternums: Rob Grabowski, Nick Rigoli, Trish Berrong, Keith Curtis, and Pete Calderone

Followed by
Fluffer Nutter: Nifer Honeycutt and Jessica Robins

Followed by
The Winners: Type O Positive
Ryan Seymour, John Robison, Tricia Davenport, Jeremy Danner, and Tim Marks

Photos by Rita

If you have any photos, videos, links, or anything involving Kansas City Improv

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