November 19, 2008

New Sketch Group

Straight from their mouths:

Kansas City's latest and greatest sketch comedy group!! We are a troupe formed by the members of Hype 7, Improv-Abilities, ComedyCity, Babel Fish, Loaded Dice, and former members of Monkeys with Hand Grenades. Our sketches and talents expand across many genres and inspiration, and our sketches are definitely for adult audiences only!

The disturbed minds of Sketchy Thoughts include
Nick Rigoli
Aaron Bagby
Clay Morgan
Jenifer Harmon
Jessica Robins
Joe Henley
Mandy Bannon
Matt Massey

For more information click on their group link. Sketchy Thoughts

If you know of a new improv or sketch group or if you just have any information about Kansas City Improv, email:


sugarbumkin said...

Hey, sweet, I made that poster!

Clay said...

I just want to go on record that the sketches involving making fun of the hearing impaired, cannibalism and infidelity were not written by me.
Thank you.