December 16, 2008

We'll Do It For You

We know that not a lot of people have time to look through all of the blogs that we link to, let alone all of the groups, and all of the venues.

We'll do it for're welcome.

Trish Berrong talks about marketing a website for Tantrum.

Our very own Caroline Donnelly writes for mental floss when she isn't planning her wedding.

Tommy Todd is alive???

Nifer Honeycutt has risen from the phoenix ashes as well???

Pete Calderone celebrates the resignation of King Carl.

John Robison would make love to short form improv...really...

Jessica Robins is blogging with a picture every day.

Jenifer Harmon is getting better...duh!!

Did we miss anyone that has ties to Kansas City Improv?

Send us an email with a link or anything else that may seem relevant to

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