January 3, 2009

Want to get involved in Kansas City Improv?

Trust us on this, we have some inside information.

1. Most importantly, go see as many improv shows as you can, you will learn a lot from watching. Just click on the links to the right to find out show information for any group. Each group does something different.

2. Join the Improv Gym. This is a great place to just play without any pressure.

3. Take a great class from a great teacher at Roving Imp. This is the best place to take classes if you are a beginner. Right now, there is no other venue in town providing the kind of improv training that Roving Imp provides.

4. When you do go to the shows, hang out with the improvisers afterward...all they talk about is improv. Ask questions and you will get answers.

5. You want more answers...email questions to: kansascityimprov@gmail.com

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