February 6, 2009

Need A Venue For Improv?

Did you know that rent is non-existent (FREE) at Roving Imp. You didn't? Well now you do.

John is the easiest and nicest improv venue owner to deal with in Kansas City. If you are looking for an improv venue to debut a show, or just a place to perform every month, then this guy and his intimate theater is for you!

Contact John at Roving Imp to reserve the date you want now. Roving Imp has been getting solid audiences and putting on solid shows regularly since the beginning of the year. Hop on board now before his ego is to big to deal with!

1 comment:

John said...

Just a couple clarifications... rent itself is free, although you will have the privilege of sharing a portion of each ticket you sell with the Imp.

Also, it's too late. The ego is HUGE. And it's headed your way.