August 6, 2009

Kansas City Improv Festival 9

It's all set in stone. Here is the condensed version:


9/9/09 7PM - Festival Kickoff
Counter Clockwise Comedy
The Roving Imp Spectacular
Those People

9/10/09 7PM - Thunderdome Thursday
Babel Fish
Loaded Dice
Stitch Tactics

9/11/09 7PM - Friday Night Showcase
Messing w/a Friend, w/Mark Sutton
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show
Comedy City

9/12/09 7PM - Saturday Night Showcase
Der Monkenpickel w/ Jason Sudeikis
Sisters Baldwin from iO West
The Trip Fives

**All shows at Off Center Theatre in Crown Center**


Powerful Characters - by Susan Messing
Standing Out in the Scene - by Mark Sutton
Yes, And: Jumpstarting your Improv Skillset - by Alsion Quinn
Camera Technique and the Improv Actor - by Christopher and Heather Lutkin
Intellect through Emotional POV in Longform - by Mark Sutton
Gorgeous Ensembles - by Susan Messing
Advanced Improv - by Ed Goodman
Improv for Writing - by Jeff and Wendy Drake

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**All workshops at Penn Valley Community College. Register at**

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