November 23, 2009

Chicago is coming to Kansas City

Last year's post-Thanksgiving performance by The Union sold out fast—so don't miss your chance to ditch your family and see them this year!

The Union, featuring real life married couple Corey Rittmaster and Monique Madrid, is fresh off their latest revue “A Very Civil War” at Donny’s Skybox Theater at Second City. The show is directed by award-winning Second City performer Amanda Blake Davis and lets the audience in on how the couple has to defend their race and ethnicity, takes them inside a marriage counseling session, and explores the ridiculous world of a late-night easy-listening DJ and a pick-up artist in the 17th century, and much more.

Corey will also join local favorites
Loaded Dice in a completely improvised set. With multiple Improv Thunderdome trophies between them, Loaded Dice features the "bad boys of KC improv." From the Pitch: "The cast, adept at suggesting whole lives with just a few quick, spontaneous lines, gave us not just a grand comic scene but also a full family history, with characters so sharply drawn that they inspired the rarest kind of laughter: participatory."

Not to be outdone, Monique will improvise with Nikki DuPont and Trish Berrong of
Spite (also Thunderdome trophy-holders). As the hair and makeup advisor in Spite's summer makeover, Monique totally gets their style—and is ready to jump right into the girls' brand of brazen (OK, ballsy) scene and character work.

Tickets are just $10 for all three sets. Call 816-678-8886 to reserve your seat.

Friday, November 27, 2009
8:00pm - 10:30pm
Westport Coffeehouse Theater

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