April 18, 2008

Blog Roll Call

Lots of improvisers in Kansas City have blogs and love to discuss the art of improv and how it impacts there lives. (Or runs it...) Here are a few of the interesting blog posts this week:

Trish Berrong talks about how to get a press release to capture some one's attention.
John Robison has been recapping his trip to Chicago and how that is inspiring him as an owner of Roving Imp Theater.
Pete Calderone is going to Quad Cities to participate in Gilda's Club for the sixth or seventh year in a row.

Every month the Kansas City Improv Bloggers discuss a mutual topic. Last month they all discussed the best and worst things about improv in Kansas City. The topics are voted upon at City3.org. If you have an improv blog and live in the Kansas City area, then vote and join in on the discussion. The April blog topic is being voted on and will be posted around April 27th.

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