April 20, 2008

Festival Fundraiser #1: Kickball

DON’T MISS The First Annual KC Improv Kickball Extravaganza

(And win a prize for giving it a better name.)

It's way more fun than it was in elementary school. Here's what you do:
1. Get a team together. (Minimum 8 people.)
2. Give yourselves a cool name.
3. We'll draw match-ups and play Sunday, May 18, from 1-4pm at Gillham Park.
4. And (because we're not in elementary school anymore), there will be a post-game keg party.

$10 per person gets you:
• A spot on a team!
• An invite to the party!
• A chance to win prizes for stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with athletic ability!

Families, friends, coworkers and groupies welcome. Must be 18 years old to play—21 to come to the party.

To register, send your name and roster to aron@kcimprov.com by May 10. (But don’t wait—there’s only room for 12 teams.)

All profits from the Kickball Whatever-We-Call-It and workshops will benefit 8: The KC Improv Festival. It'll play for stuff like marketing, flying in guest artists and such.

And coming in June: Improv workshops with KC’s best teachers

Presented by Improv-Abilities. Visit kcimprov.com/kcif.

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