April 15, 2008

Improv Thunderdome Season 2 Teams Announced

You heard it here second. Announcing the participants in Season 2: Beyond Thunderdome

Thunderdome pits nine teams of local improvisers against each other in a four month battle. Each team will get 30 minutes to prove their worthiness. Audiences will decide each month which team shall move on to the championship match in September. There is currently nothing else like this being done in Kansas City.

Saturday, June 28th
BABEL FISH - (Joe Henley & Nathan Stewart)
THE MAKESHIFT MILITIA - (Will Fritz, Magie Hogan, Ryan Meharry, Anthony, Merchant, James Nelson & Grant Prewitt)
SOME TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES - (Allie Brown, Chris Fuston, Kristie Kirk, Laura Irwin, Amy McGiffin, Matt Messina, Elizabeth Standler, Aron Wallis & Tim White)

Saturday, July 26th
COUNTERCLOCKWISE COMEDY - (Erik Johnson, Ashley Kirk, Wade Meredith & Bess Wallerstein)
SCRIPTEASE - (Rene Boudreaux, Andrew Brant, Drew Davidson, Clayton Ingram & Tommy Todd)
The UNNAMED Aaron Bagby, Caroline Donnelly, Clay Morgan & Katie Watts Project

Saturday, August 30th
BURNIN' STERNUMS - (Trish Berrong, Pete Calderone, Keith Curtis, Rob Grabowski & Nick Rigoli)
FLUFFER NUTTER - (Niffer Honeycutt & Jessica Robins)
The UNNAMED Tim Marks, John Robison & Ryan Seymour Project

Saturday, September 27th

All shows are at the Westport Coffeehouse Theater and start at 9:00pm
-June/July/August tickets are $8.00
-September Championship tickets are $10.00

***Reservations for the first 3 rounds will be available June 2nd.***
***Reservations for the championship will be available September 18th.***

For more information visit:
improv thunderdome on myspace
improv thunderdome on facebook

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