April 14, 2008

Roving Imp Workshops

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Here's the chance for anyone age 18 and up to learn how improv works, sculpted precisely for your own level of expertise, from basic to advanced. You can get past fears of speaking in front of an audience, learn how to work better in teams, and learn quick "on your feet" thinking.

This class uses a combination of workshops and performances, so you not only learn techniques, but also get a chance to use them. You'll take classes one month at a time, so you're not locked into anything long-term.

Classes take place once or twice per week, for a total of three hours. You'll learn all the skills necessary to be a better improv actor, skills which are easily transferable to your professional life as well as to musicals and plays.

Performances will take place once per month (but not before you're ready!).

Tuition for these adult improv classes is normally $100 per month, but you get a reduction in tuition for each person you bring to your monthly show. Depending on class enrollment, you could qualify for free tuition by bringing as few as six people to see you show off your new skills!

Spring Session One starts the week of April 27.

Spring Session Two starts the week of May 19.

Classes and workshops happen at the Roving Imp Theater in Bonner Springs, the home of big comedy in a small town.

Still need convincing? Students in the improv classes get free admission to Saturday Roving Imp shows!

Classes are scheduled when people are available. If you're interested, you send a list of times when you might be available to take a class, and they schedule the classes based on the free times of the majority of schedules.

Still have more questions? Ready to sign up? Feel free to e-mail classes@rovingimp.com

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