May 19, 2008

Did we mention this already?

8: Kansas City Improv Festival

National weekend:

Shows Friday and Saturday, Sept. 5-6 (All shows at Union Station's City Stage)
Workshops Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 6-7 (Instructors and venue to be announced soon)

—Der Monkenpickel, with SNL's Jason Sudekis, Jeremy Carter, Ed Goodman, Corey Rittmaster, and Eric Davis.
—Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show, with 30 Rock writer Kay Cannon, Jeff Drake, Tim Mason, Erin McEvoy, Wendy Molyneux and Dan Walsh.
—AND Jill Bernard's DRUM MACHINE.

Local weekend:

Shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 12-14 (All shows at Union Station's City Stage)
Performing troupes to be announced.

**8: KCiF is an invitational; no applications are being accepted for performers or workshops at this time. But if you're a professional troupe in Kansas City and you think that we might not know about you, please e-mail us.

For more information visit
Facebook 8:KCiF

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