October 7, 2008

Guess Who's Coming for BBQ...

...and of course to put on a great show.

Kansas City Improv friend Jill Bernard will be back for a special show:

Second City's Dave Razowsky directs Jill Bernard of Minneapolis (Drum Machine, HUGE, ComedySportz) and Trish Berrong of Kansas City (Tantrum, Spite, Poke) in BROWNIES DON'T LIE.

We'd love to tell you all about it, but this completely improvised show will be created between October 10-13 in LA with the help of Dave Razowsky. Jill and Trish will fly straight back to KC to debut whatever it is they come up with Thursday, October 16.

But that's not all! First up, you'll see Improv Mini-Dome Champions Spite (Nikki DuPont, Megan Mercer, Trish Berrong) and improv renegades Babel Fish (performing their signature piece, Waiting For Jill Bernard).

It's a lot of comedy for 8 bucks on a Thursday night. But we think you can handle it.

Here are 2 pretty big reasons you should come see this:

1. Jill Bernard is a fearless and hilarious improviser. Trish Berrong has single-handily taught Kansas City the art of good improv.
2. Their coach Dave Razowsky just so happened to write and perform comedy with none other than Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert while at Second City.

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