October 10, 2008

The Kiss Debate

Recently on City3.org Jen Harmon from Hype 7 posed an interesting question:

"Jess and I were driving back from KC last weekend, and I can't remember how the subject came up, but we started talking about the existence/non-existence of the stage kiss in improv. We turned out to be pretty opinionated, and not necessarily in agreement. It was such an interesting debate that I almost ended up on the Turnpike going much further west than necessary or practical.

I'll put together my theories on the matter - and they are only theories, as I have not kissed anyone onstage - in a little while, but I wanted to throw some starter questions out there:

When does the audience want to see two people kiss onstage? Or do they at all?
Is it a kiss, or a parody of a kiss?
Are there emotional repercussions? Can the characters kiss without the improvisers kissing? What if you're pimped into it?
Is it easier to stage-kiss someone of the gender you're not attracted to?

Please discuss, theorize, share experiences. If you feel you need anonymity, I'm sure nobody would mind.


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